These are the top 10 acts on ‘America’s Got Talent’

The Northwell Health Nurse Choir — an ensemble made up of 18 frontline nurses from New York — have advanced to the “AGT” finals. The group was a favorite from the start, earning the coveted Golden Buzzer from “AGT” judge Howie Mandel during the audition round, the Deseret News reported.

Northwell Nurse Choir

During Brooke Simpson’s audition, “AGT” judge Heidi Klum told the singer she had “the whole package to be a real star,” the Deseret News reported. Now, Simpson — who said she aspires to be “the first major indigenous pop star” — has advanced to the “AGT” finals.

Brooke Simpson

Josh Blue, a stand-up comedian from Denver, Colorado, also received enough votes from viewers to advance to the finals. This marks the first time in “AGT” history that two comedians are in the finale, USA Today reported. A comedian has never won “AGT.”

Josh Blue

Lea Kyle has been a big favorite on “AGT” this season. During her audition — which has been viewed more than 11 million times on YouTube — Kyle stunned all of the judges with her skills as a quick-change artist.

Lea Kyle

Since earning the Golden Buzzer from all four “AGT” judges, Victory Brinker’s audition has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube.

Victory Brinker

Aidan Bryant, a 16-year-old self-taught aerial artist, also secured enough votes to make it to the finals. Bryant has said he took advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown to work on his skills.

Aidan Bryant

Magician Dustin Tavella has consistently impressed “AGT” judges and fans with his ability to combine personal, heartwarming stories with sleight of hand and other tricks. Tavella’s semifinal act, which involved a story about little notes of inspiration his wife writes for him, secured him a spot in the final.

Dustin Tavella

Gina Brillon is the other stand-up comedian who has made it to the “AGT” finals. The comedian is from New York and has shared her comedy through stories about her family, and Latina heritage.

Gina Brillon

Jimmie Herrod has been a favorite on “AGT” from the start this season. During his audition — which has more than 10 million views on YouTube — the 30-year-old singer from Portland, Oregon, earned a Golden Buzzer from “AGT” judge Sofia Vergara, the Deseret News reported.

Jimmie Herrod

The World Taekwondo Demonstration Team — an act Cowell said is “one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen in all the years I’ve been on ‘America’s Got Talent’” — has advanced to the finals.

World Taekwondo Demonstration Team