Ricky Martin Rejects 'Disgusting' Case That He Had a Sex-related or Charming Partnership With His Nephew

Ricky Martin 

" We anticipate this awful case being dismissed as quickly as a court reaches look at the facts," the musician's lawyer said.

Ricky Martin is refuting any type of kind of romantic relationship with his nephew after brand-new growths have actually arisen….

In the domestic abuse disagreement that led to a limiting order against him earlier this month in Puerto Rico.

According to media records, the accuser-- who submitted the order anonymously-- was Martin's 21-year-old nephew, that declared he had dated the Puerto Rican musician for 7 months.

The report estimates the order as claiming they damaged up two months back….

Yet the petitioner claims Martin did not accept the separation and also has been seen loitering near the petitioner's home a minimum of three times.

" Ricky Martin has, obviously, never been-- and also would never ever be-- associated with any kind of type of sex-related or enchanting relationship with his nephew," Marty Singer.

Martin's lawyer, said in a statement to Signboard. "The idea is not just false, it is revolting. All of us really hope that this male gets the assistance he so urgently needs.

Most of all, we look ahead to this horrible instance being disregarded as soon as a court obtains to look at the realities."

On July 2, Judge Raiza Cajigas Campbell of the Court of First Instance of San Juan, Puerto Rico, released a limiting order against the musician….

With authorities seeing the island's north coastal community of Dorado, where the singer lives, to attempt to offer the order, cops representative Axel Valencia told The Associated Press.

It was not instantly understood that requested the restraining order.

Valencia stated he can not give additional information because the order was submitted under Puerto Rico's domestic violence legislation.