How to get rid of Cockroaches: Natural DIY

To avoid having your house invaded by cockroaches, it is important to always clean the kitchen and bathroom, and make sure to sweep the floors of food debris and hair

As these represent their food. In case these insects resist, here are the best methods to drive them out.

The last thing that anyone would like to see is a cockroach.

Cockroaches are unsightly insects that can transmit diseases and if they invade our kitchen, they contaminate food.

These insects mainly come out during the night hours and hide in every corner of the house, they like to take refuge in places such as:

Wooden furniture and especially in crevices

– Kitchen drainpipes – Bathroom pipes – Gas fixtures – Under appliances such as the refrigerator, oven and microwave – Trash container

Eliminate cockroaches with natural methods:

The fastest method to get rid of cockroaches is to use insecticides, but these products are toxic and contain chemicals that could affect the health of small children or pets

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